Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Well it appears that I'll be wearing this longer than I thought I'd need to. I managed to reinjure the reinjured injury. Good job, woman. Good job. Sheesh. Now when the heck am I going to get to whack my pain away???

I suppose the better news is that it'll be harder for my heart to act before my brains (and write another regrettable message to ruin whatever shred of good feelings we have towards each other).

Perhaps I should have gotten hurt before all this went down.

Yet, I think I'd still be hurt again nonetheless.


Fuck, it hurts.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Wrong house.

So I subconsciously drove to his house today when I was suppose to meet the Tan instead.

Said "hi" to Silver and drove on. WTF is wrong with me.

On the bright side, at least nobody's going to laugh at me.

Monday, September 19, 2016


Silly dear me
Felt like pure ecstasy
From a simple reply
Oh my! Oh my!

All this while
My texts went on unread
The silence was vile
The unknowing I dread

He wore his favourite colour
Matched with a smile I caught during his departure
I couldn't take it any longer
I just had to compliment that looker

My heart went on to type away
Pressed 'Send' and wondered what he would say
Anxious as seconds went on by
And then came the reply, I swear I could cry

So the text was a one-worder
Heck, he replied - that itself is a wonder
Can't believe how a simple "Thanks"
Can brighten my day up by ranks

That fellow has no idea how thankful I am.

Saturday, September 17, 2016


Falling in love is like holding a baseball bat
Hold your bat firmly, and you can take in hits, one after another
Lose grip, and the impact of each hit delivers a shuddering blow to your body
If you let it happen again and again...
You're no longer able to hold the bat
Only forced to let go
Before things get worse

And so, you're hurt

You tend to your strains and bruises
Caring for it so you can pick up the bat again
In the meantime, you'll curse at your stupidity for not holding that damn bat properly
"An idiot I am, for not focusing on holding that bat.
An idiot I am, for worrying only about the balls that were flying my way.
An idiot I am, for not staying calm, and focusing only on the worse instead of taking charge of the game."

And so, the damage is done.

Parties are hurt.
Spirits are broken.
Leaving for time to heal.
But the body will never forget.
Holding the bat will never be the same.

Friday, September 16, 2016

You're just weed.

So I bought some seaweed just the other day
While thinking of the person who doesn't want to see me in any way
The plan was to give everyone one
So what was originally his would end up in his palms
But he said I made his breakfast bad
Screw it

Poor seasoned seaweed... was left without a purpose
Sat on my desk, 'cause I couldn't bear to eat it
People came, saw, and helped themselves to it
Well, at least that seaweed brought smiles to others, if not him

But what I really want to see is a smile on his face
A smile that's genuine, a smile that's like a warm embrace
Guess I won't have that chance to see that
'Cause I can't see him, if he doesn't want to see me
(And even if he sees seaweed or me, I think we'd only get an upside down smile)

Oh seaweed
Poor seaweed
Seasoned Seaweed
You've become just weed

I've become just weed.

That will do.

Sitting at the same table by chance.

Can't believe all the mixed emotions it brings.












All that with a straight, solemn face.